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Thursday, April 30, 2009


all right all my crafty friends. I'm on the look out to find this fabric locally. I would love at least a yard of it. I saw it on a white background also. either would be devine!

Saturday, April 18, 2009


My Eastside mama friends, C's school is having an Earth Fair next Sat. from 10-4 at his school on Hwy 26 and Hillyard Rd all are invited to attend. Some games, prizes for the kids(seeds) and a raffle among other things.

Anyways, my request.......

Does anyone have a worm bin that I could come and get a scoop of your yummy compost from? The school just got thier bins in this week, so there's nothing exciting going on in them. I would care for your worms and get them back to you when the day is over.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sewing Feliz

I finally did it, I traced the pattern and started sewing it. Not sure why I waited sooo long to do it. It's a day project with kidlet interuptions.
I started off by making a 98/104. which would fit, and be a little big. But I should have read and if I did, I would have seen that it would fit a 24" chest. There's no way Miss Mad has a 24" chest. She's barely 20". For the first dress, I used some fabric from a Sewingmama, littlewillow. I didn't have enough fabric to make the straps the length they were suppose to be, but they work.

At least I know that she'll be able to wear this dress for a long time. :)
Here's the back of the dress with all of it's ruffles.

Since this one came out so big, I thought I'd try it again and this time work with the smallest size 86/92. I didn't include seam allowances, thinking it would fit better. It's still big in the chest. and the length is almost too short. Don't ask about the fabric combo. she picked it out. and being 3.5, well I guess you can wear whatchya want to wear and it doesn't matter. Just not the combo I would have choosen, ya know.


Monday, February 02, 2009

New Do

Miss Mad thought she wanted a pixie cut and started doing it herself. She was left with Gma and Gpa when I ran to Home Depot the other day. And I came home to almost all of her hair in a bag. At least she cleaned up that mess. I picked her up and put her in the car and to the salon we went. She sat perfectly still for the lady. She liked it.
Until bed, she didn't want to have pixie hair any more. She wanted pig tails.
I did get my hair trimmed while there.

Friday, January 23, 2009

oh my....

Rebekah reads my blog!!!

in other news.....

E got word yesterday that he got off of work early for one thing and that he had today off. Luckily he has like 7 weeks of vacation time so it's paid.
Mad and I had already made plans to go to the indoor play park at C's school with our mama friend Kathy and her son D. Her other son I, goes to the school too but he's in kg. Anyways. I got a phone call from Allison asking if I wanted to come up and help build a chicken tractor. I called E to ask if he wanted to go help, he said sure. So instead of running to the 'Couv and trying to make it back to East Gresham in time to pick C up, I made a mama decision for him to leave school early. He didn't have all of his work done, so he needs to write down 10 nouns for Monday, but woohoo, we all get to go and the mama doesn't have to be rushed. (side note, on the way to school, C out of the blue asked if we could go visit M &M (Allison's two oldest) on his next day of no school. I would have been a bad mama if I went and not taken him.

So we ate lunch, E packed the car with tools, and we headed to the 'Couv. The kids had a blast! and no major fights! Not even between Mad and the third M. And the mamas got to talk cause E did all the work!!!!!

Allison did send us home with 19 eggs. I should take the post office box and peanuts back to her so she can hand out eggs to the next person. E was happy enough to just take eggs since this mama said she'd hug a tree tonight.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

it's been a long time

C-man as Ben 10 Alien Force. Jacket is a Kwik Sew pattern made with JA blizzard fleece.

Since brother was Ben10, sis had to be Gwen. Farbenmix Zoe pattern made with JA fleece.

Mad in her hippo dress with Aunt Sharon. The story behind the shirt is from this song . I wasn't able to find a hippo for her, but I knew the JA had this hippo fabric. I bought the last 2 yards they had and made this dress and pants/leggings. The dress is Farbenmix Olivia and the hood is lined in the same red that I made the pants. And you don't see the two rows of ruffles that are on the bottom of the legs. Maybe I can get another shot of the complete outfit. Oh and her uncles found a mama and baby hippo for her that she carries everywhere!

Snow storm 08. Those are rose bushes sticking out on the left. and a half burried snow man in the yard.

The chicken coop in the snow. do you like the drifts up the left side there? sooo glad Eric brought home some plywood, that I franticly painted in the garage with the left over red and white paint we had. (I personally didn't want to go buy more paint, so we ended up with some pink boards. and the "inside" didn't get painted, oops, maybe I should have gotten more paint.)
Another shot of the coop. We had to put a tarp over the house portion of it because the snow would find it's way in under the hinged portion of the roof. Also glad that we put cardboard up in the "upper" windows. There was also a couple of heatlamps in there and an electric tape to keep the water from freezing.

C-man's snow cave. He thought of it after it snowed a ton, guess it was a place for him to sit. very awkwardly but hey, he had fun doing it.

Anyways, that's all the photos that I have thanks to a computer crash.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Save a Sack

Save a Sac
Save a Sack
Creative name? I need a name for the little sacks/bags that I'm making. I'm in the process of making 30 for Carson's school. For his birthday snack, he wants goldfish. And instead of sending plastic baggies or paper cups to put them in, I thought I'd make little sacks for them.

They aren't as detailed as the ones that I'll have at the craft fair in Vanc. There's no "handle" on the school ones. I'll get pics up as soon as they are done. like tonight. cause well they have to be done for tomorrow!

The great thing, they can be used for other things, like collecting treasures!

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